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Workout: My gym free fitness routine.

Ready to start working out but not sure how to structure your workout? Don’t know where to start or what to include? Today, I’m going to be sharing how I structure my daily workouts when I don’t have access to the gym. I alternate my workouts and include different things to keep the variety going, you can do whatever works for you!

First off, I include a cardio workout every day – normally in the morning. I find that getting up and getting out into the fresh air helps motivate me for the day ahead. The cardio I do depends on the rest of my workout for the day. If I plan on doing a weight work out then I’ll go on a walk, if I’m not going to be doing anything else for the day then I’ll run AND walk but it’s all up to you. I also stretch for 5 minutes after my walk/run and after my muscle workouts too.

Monday Workout

Mondays I start with a 45 minute fast paced walk. This is the perfect time to catch up on Podcasts or new release music. Also, if you get out early enough and head down to the beach it’s a perfect time to soak up the silence mixed with crashing waves. After the walk, I head back home and I complete a full body circuit 5 times, try this circuit out:

  • 20 x bicep curls
  • 20 x hammer curls
  • 20 x chest flys
  • 20 x squats
  • 20 x sumo squats
  • 20 x calf raises
  • 20 x Russian twists
  • 20 x butterfly kicks
  • 20 x crunches


On Tuesday’s I go for a run/walk when I wake up and follow that with a yoga session. I’ve spoken about the benefits of yoga on my blog before, and it is something that I do every day, but on Tuesday’s I complete a weight loss session as part of my workout.


Wednesdays are leg day! After a 60 minute walk I complete a full leg workout using exercises that can be completed with or without weights. Try this work out for size – I complete each exercise either in full or part depending on muscle fatigue. I also start with weight and down my weight size until it’s just body weight if necessary:

  • 50 x squats
  • 50 x lunges
  • 50 x sumo squats
  • 50 x donkey kicks
  • 50 x calf raises
  • 50 x glute bridges
  • 50 x banded lateral walks


This is normally a 30-40 minute walk followed by a quick ab workout, here’s a circuit to try, complete it 3-5 times:

  • 20 x Russian twists
  • 20 x leg raises
  • 20 x butterfly kicks
  • 20 x crunches
  • 20 x V-ups


Another walk/run followed by arms/chest/back! Here’s my favourite arms circuit to complete, try and go through 5 times:

  • 20 x chest flys
  • 20 x triceps extensions
  • 20 x overhead press
  • 20 x dumbbell curls
  • 20 x hammer curls
  • 20 x kettle bell pull ups
  • 20 x tricep kick backs

Saturday and Sunday

My Saturday and Sunday workout is relaxed, easy, simple… it’s just a walk! I aim for a minimum of 45 minutes. You can do this at the beach, on a trail, go for a hike or just walk through the streets of your area. If you want something a little more fast paced turn it into a run or do some interval sprints on your way. Add in an extra weight session if you really want!

Hopefully this helps you get started on your way to fitness and gives you some ideas for how to structure an at home workout. Let me know if you try any of these and how you go!

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